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How to wash Hilux vigo Head Lamp Light

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As we all know,most cars are manufactured with headlamp assemblies that use quartz-halogen bulbs plugged into the back of a large plastic reflector. But over time, the lamp light will be dirty.Don’t worry,here's how to clean your Hilux vigo Head Lamp Light so they shine like new.

Hilux vigo Head Lamp Light

First advice,Wash your car to remove any surface dirt. Waxing it, at least within a foot or two of the headlamps, is a good idea, because drips and droplets of the abrasive polishing compound are less likely to adhere to a freshly waxed surface.
The second,using a rag and some water to rinse of afterwards, simply scrub down your Hilux vigo Head Lamp Lightwith toothpaste and watch the grime come right off. Be careful,if you are going to go through with this, you’d better make sure you do so in a slow and steady manner in order to avoid any touching on the surfaces of the car.
Thirdly,you can start by cleaning with soap - First wash with soap and water using firm, back-and-forth movements with the cloth or sponge, then rinse with plain water. After allowing some time to air dry, look at your headlights again closely.
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